Growing up in New Hampshire you have two options: embrace winter or be miserable for half of the year. A natural optimist, I chose the former. While I’m not a huge fan that it gets dark so early in the day (nothing more depressing than going to and leaving work in the dark!), I do love freshly fallen snow. I also love the fact there is much you can learn from snow.

What’s important

As I write this I am looking out my window at the beginnings of what should be an epic snowstorm. My grandfather used to say that a snowstorm was God’s way of reminding us to slow down for a while. I believe he was right. On a snowy day, if I have my kids playing on the floor around me, a fire roaring and a good book in my hands I am truly happy.

This is happiness that I could have every day without earning more money or working longer hours. It is always right there waiting to be enjoyed. A snowstorm can remind us of that. Now it is up to us to never forget it.

The power of numbers

It is well known that no two snowflakes are alike. Just like us, snowflakes are unique. When you catch a single snowflake in your hand, it is small and insignificant – just like us. But a snowstorm reminds us of the collective power of individuals working together. A single snowflake has minimal impact. But a group of these small, insignificant snowflakes can shut down schools, delay flights and alter the speed of life.

Slow and steady

Looking out at the snow falling from the sky, my 3 year old son commented that it was coming down very slowly. It couldn’t possibly be a powerful snowstorm. But therein lies another lesson of the snow: life is not a sprint. Consistency is what has the greatest impact. If it snows slow and steady for a long period of time the impact can be transformational. The same can be said of your personal journey. Take small steps and, over time, you will unleash your own power.